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Hot ladyboy’s sexperience

Hi all, 🙂 Mint is on the air with yet another report based on my own sexperience of t girls with big dicks having some fun. So this time I looked around in search for something to please my huge tranny cock – I bet you know how big I am on girls with dicks fucking their cocks off – and my eyes fell on a cordless phone with vibro call… Yay! A hot ladyboy like me needs to have her schlong taken care of several times a day, and rubbing the phone on my prick while jerking it hard way gave me one electrifying boob-bouncing orgasm!

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Hello! I bet you are into some tranny girl sex vids? I’ve got some! Finally, I have a vacation! Yesterday I was bathing all the day long in the Mediterranean Sea, and that was sooo great! My boyfriend made several photos of mine, and then I got naked and plunged into the warm water! Oh my, that was so nice! Of course, all photos and videos are available for instant download on my hot ladyboy ‘s homepage! : ) Don’t forget to drop me a line at my email!

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Hot ladyboy masturbating

Hey, man! I’m Mint and let’s continue our plunging into the world of hot ladyboy masturbating porn 🙂 I love acting in different clothes, and the schoolgirl uniform is one my favorite public image. Actually, I’m just 21 y.o., so you can enjoy my explicit movies and imagine you’re fucking your little naughty schoolgirl 😉 I hope you don’t mind my sexually explicit schoolgirl uniform, maybe this pleated skirt is a too small, so I guess you can see my tiny white panties… I want you to see my 9-inches hot ladyboy surprise that I prepared for you… Jump in and watch hot ladyboy masturbating…

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Hey! If you are into girls with dicks fucking, then we can fulfill your desires here 🙂 If you did not read the previous entries, I’m Minty, and this is my personal blog. I have several friends among t girls with big dicks on my studio. We often participate in photography together, including shemale-shemale videos, so you’ve got a chance to see us humpin’ like rabbits in movies : ) I use to drill her ass and mouth with my hot ladyboy cock, and my best friend Diana adores wanking me and fingering my small butthole. As a result, we adore each other!

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